This portfolio contains some of my previous work in article writing, marketing content, and graphic design.

Business and Marketing

4 Logo Design Tips for Small Businesses
It is important for your startup's logo to be effective and to send the right message. These logo design tips can help!
4 Tips for Getting Your Small Business Noticed
Starting a new small business is exciting, but it can be difficult to get your company noticed during it's first few years. Follow these tips to stand out, gain new clients, and build a reputation.
5 Essential Tips for Building Your Personal Brand Online
Whether you're a CEO of a large corporation, or a one-person show, it is important to build your own personal brand in addition to your company's brand.

Higher Education

7 Ways to Make New Friends in College When You Live Off Campus
There are many ways to make friends in college, even if you don't live on campus. Don't let commuting stand in your way of experiencing college social life to the fullest!
8 Benefits of Attending Community College Before a Four-Year University
There are many financial, educational, and personal benefits to attending a community college before transferring to a four-year university.
How to Save Money on College Textbooks by Skipping the Campus Bookstore
Textbooks are a huge financial burden to struggling college students. By buying textbooks online and looking for less conventional editions of textbooks, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Educational Articles

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Resident Cats
Getting your resident cats on board with the idea of a new kitten can be tricky. With these tips, however, your resident cat and new kitten can be best friends in no time.
Shield-Maidens or Housewives? The Real Role of Viking Women
DNA evidence shows that some Viking warriors were female, but what was everyday life like for the common ancient Norse woman?
The Many Social Benefits of Playing Video Games
Video games may help children learn valuable social skills. Multiplayer and co-operative video games can be particularly useful in helping individuals on the autism spectrum develop social skills.

Webpage Copy

Wildcat Wholesale - Jewelry Boxes
I edited, updated, and rewrote copy for Wildcat Wholesale's jewelry boxes page.
Wildcat Wholesale - Printing Page
I edited, updated, and rewrote copy for Wildcat Wholesale's printing page.

Email Marketing

Wildcat Wholesale Black Friday 2017 Email
This is an email I created for Wildcat Wholesale's Black Friday sale.
Wildcat Wholesale Fall Sale 2017 Email
This is an email I created for Wildcat Wholesale's fall sale.

Graphic Design

Icons for Wildcat Wholesale Industry Logos
I created the icons for the specific industry logos for Wildcat Wholesale. These variations of their logo help to more effectively market to each different industry served by Wildcat Wholesale. The icons are also used on the home page of their website at wildcatwholesale.com.
Maritime Museum of Sandusky Program Guide
I created this program guide for the Maritime Museum of Sandusky. I was responsible for creating a guide like this each of the four years that I worked there.
Nýbiru Studio Logo
I created the logo for Nýbiru Studio.